The essential lines are sometimes intoxicated by personalized graphics, enclosing the wonder of a preserved beauty with gentle mystery and neo transparency.

Key concepts: Clean shapes, gentle wraps, breaths, volumes and patterns, in the name of Easy to wear, finding the Personal interpretation of new trends among the cocoons and the primordial phases of Metamorphosis. Inclusion, Protection and Discreet Performance. Incorporating. Stratifying. transpire Grafting.

In addition to being the Season Note, red is the common thread between the model shop. A panorama of exciting and refined shades, selected from the updated seasonal palettes, is molded on materials and processes in the name of Tradition, with the aim of making the proposal always current and trans-seasonal.

Materials, patterns and workmanship: The aesthetic details of the caterpillars, their cocoons and butterflies, are reworked ad hoc and shape the graphics and materials of the Collection. Plastics, leathers and eco-leathers, paints, lace, silks, cotton and synthetic fibers. Heat sealed stitched to match or reverse, plain or “Bubbly”, bright, shiny and opaque. Raw, dynamic and changing. Vivid.