Amidst the tranquility stands the great architecture of the 19th century smothering the atmosphere with serenity with a glimpse of modern touch. A modern destination with an antique history, a dream come true to lovers, travel tycoons and fashion-hungered devotees well known to be Paris. A sacred destination which never failed to amaze the world with trendsetting fashions and unique styles, tag lined to be the fashion capital of the world. Every step in this territory is embraced with the soothing fumes of romance, arousing sensitivity of dimmed streetlights alongside the vibrant fabrics worn by its people. The conceptual framework of a need to ramp a fashion week was mothered, cultivated and proven in the capital of France. The patterns and cuts of edges of the Parisian fashionista is eternally engraved enchanté. The Parisian look entitles inspirations from unique monuments such as the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe and Louvre Museum with a hint of red lipstick, baguette breads, brioche and caffe you name it. A mesmerizing eve at the Blue Rooftop to a lush quixotic getaway facing the Eiffel or a silent prayer at Cathédrale Notre Dame is yet another prospect to showcase the serene beauty of Parisian fashion encounters. The sketches drawn by the designers come into realization in every corner of this metropolis, creating a trend and a design to be the next talk of the town fin the world of fashion.

The color combination comprises of various inspirations in day to day sights. The color coordination contains of cream, red, grey, green, white, black, royal blue and sky blue. The color cream encompasses the old, rusty buildings in Paris yet looking elegant, the astonishing architecture of Notre Dame and Arc de Triamphe was a total muse for the color theme. A bite of baguette bread and Brioche in a romantic cozy café highlights this elegance. A slow walk, beneath the dim streetlights in the misty night of these streets or even a romantic getaway in a blue rooftop inspires the colors of royal blue and sky blue. The universal color of love; red plays an insightful role in the designs and fabrics of fashion. A red door in a cozy home, red lipstick on a Parisian woman or even walking down the red streets of Le Consulat Café Bar. Wandering through the grey buildings across the street enlightens ones soul, silently gazing at the Eiffel Tower flourishing a plethora of mixed emotions or even the slightest thought of a cocktail at the infamous Grey Rooftop nourishes the touch of the color grey to ones stylish designs. The lavishing vibes when passing by an emerald green door, the sense of belongingness at the most famous Destruction Des Animaux Nuisibles tasting the sweet aura of Shakespeare and Co. and a much-needed jam at Le Consulat Bar on a tiring weekend infuses the touches of greenery to the color themes being depicted.
But nothing is as soothing as the gourmet white indulging fresh and natural sensation to a blessed soul. The bright contrast of a white building among other structures highlights. Or a baby’s breath of fresh flowers enlightens the need for white in an attire. Imagine the classic louvre lanterns in either side of the road, the elegance as it stands tall in black. The dream of every Parisian chick is to discover sophistication darker than black.